The Answers to your questions

Simply because the Market is an initiative of Québec City's German Community that wanted to recreate as faithfully as possible the magical atmosphere of the European Christmas markets. There are products imported from Germany but also products from here, made by Quebec artisans. German Christmas traditions are the heart the Market, making it a unique experience in Québec City.

Absolutely not! The Market is inspired by German traditions but it was important for us to highlight the work of Québec's producers and artisans. What matters the most is the quality and originality of the experience and the products offered. At the Market, you will find German products, European specialties and original products made in Quebec.

Payments at the different kiosks are managed by the exhibitors themselves. Some have terminals that accept credit and debit cards, others only accept cash payments. To simplify your experience, we recommend that you bring cash. If needed, a Desjardins ATM is located next to the Market at the corner of Des Jardins Street and Sainte-Anne Street.

Sales, warranties and returns of the Market's products are entirely managed by the exhibitors. We recommend that you take note of the names of the exhibitors from whom you purchase products. In case of problems, you can consult the Exhibitors section on our website to obtain their contact details and contact them directly. Unfortunately, the Christmas Market team can only assist you with products sold in kiosks operated by the German Community of Québec.

The Market is located in the heart of Old Québec, so it is easy to reach by bus or car. For more information on bus routes to the Market or on available parking lots, visit the "How to get there" page in the Useful Information section of our website.

It is very important for us to offer a magical experience open to everyone, so the Market is accessible to people with impaired mobility. We work hard every year to be more inclusive in our planning, but we are aware that some improvements are still necessary. For more information to make your visit more enjoyable, visit the "Impaired mobility" section of our website.

The BMW Alpine Chalet is a restaurant that serves gourmet German food reinvented by local chefs, in a "lunch counter" formula, without service at the tables. You receive your food shortly after ordering, and customer turnover is usually pretty fast. You rarely will have to wait more than 15 to 30 minutes for a seated place. To avoid the complexity of managing reservations and to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the food prepared by the guest chefs, it is not possible to book a reservation at the BMW Alpine Chalet. For a list of guest chefs and restaurants, view the complete program.

The menus at the BMW Alpine Chalet and the prices of the products are determined by the guest restaurateurs. To offer a varied experience throughout the Market, the chefs in charge of the BMW Alpine Chalet change every weekend. The guest restaurant is indicated in the BMW Alpine Chalet and on our website. To share your comments, questions or complaints, we recommend that you contact the restaurant owners directly. The Market team is of course open to hearing your comments, but we do not decide on the menu offered or prices.

Of course, since the Market is first and foremost an activity for the whole family! However, since the Market is a free event, it may be very crowded and it can be difficult to navigate through the crowd with a stroller. Thursday and Friday evenings are generally better suited to visit the Market with a stroller, because of the smaller crowd. You can still visit the Market with your little one on Saturday and Sunday, but you may need to arm yourself with a little more patience!

Dogs on leashes are accepted on all sites of the German Christmas Market. However, we do not recommend that you bring your dog along if you visit on the busier days, Saturday or Sunday. The Market is a free event that is often very crowded, which can make navigating the site with a dog difficult. In addition, the festive atmosphere, music and performances can make your pet nervous or frightened. To make your visit more enjoyable and for the well-being of your dog, we recommend visiting the Market on Thursdays or Fridays, when the crowd is more dispersed on the sites.

It’s the German tradition! In Germany, Christmas markets are open only during Advent, which starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and ends December 24.