Wooden kiosks ... just like in Germany!

The German Christmas Market is a magical place that comes to life in the heart of Old Québec, a few weeks before the holidays! More than just a market, it is a small Christmas village designed to recreate as faithfully as possible the festive atmosphere of the major European Christmas markets. With its traditional wooden kiosks illuminated and decorated for the occasion, the German Christmas Market hosts more than 90 exhibitors from Quebec, Germany and Europe. You will find a ton of original gift ideas to please the whole family, in addition to being able to taste local products and German and European specialties.

The registration period for exhibitors for the 2021 edition of the Québec City German Christmas Market is over. All kiosks are now full. You can still complete a request at the link below but it will not be processed until spring of 2022. Thank you!

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Kiosk #1
Givre et Passions
*Discovery Kiosk - Nov. 25 to 28, Dec. 16 to 19* Glasses, kitchenware and decorative objects made with frosted glass.
Kiosk #1
Les Sucreries de Chloé
*Discovery Kiosk - Dec. 9 to 12* Maple products handcrafted with love by a family-owned sugar shack.
Kiosk #1
Jezzz Biscuit
"Discovery Kiosk - Dec. 20 to 23* Delicious Christmas cookies, a gift sure to please kids and adults alike!
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Kiosk #1
Pascal e
*Discovery Kiosk - Dec. 2 to 5* Greeting cards and other treasures handmade with recycled materials.
Kiosk #3
Traditional German Snack Bar
Enjoy the famous giant European hot dogs and other mouth-watering delicacies.
Kiosk #2
Traditional German Arts and Crafts
Traditional arts and crafts from Germany : Christmas mangers and pyramids, incense holders and more!
Kiosk #4
German Gingerbread and Cookies
The famous gingerbread from Nuremberg and delicious German Christmas cookies.
Kiosk #5
Érablière Varin
Handcrafted organic maple syrup products, an authentic gift from the Québec terroir that will please everyone!
Kiosk #6
L'Or de L'Italie
Tasty high quality olive oils for cooking enthusiasts.
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Kiosk #7
German Gift Shop
Original gifts imported from Germany, products that you will not find in store here.
Kiosk #10
German Decorative Objects
Soft toys, dolls and other decorative objects imported from Europe. An original gift that will undoubtedly please!
Kiosk #11
Kiosque Stollen et Baumkuchen
Authentic German cakes (Stollen and Baumkuchen), a delight for your tastebuds!
Kiosk #8
Authentic Pretzels and Mulled Wine
Tasty fresh big pretzels and mulled wine, prepared according to the traditional German recipe. A delight!
Kiosk #9
Ya Chocolate
Belgian dark chocolate delights, hand-crafted in Canada.
Kiosk #12
Bijoux Chantale Gelinas
Beautiful handmade jewelry made of glass, tin and stainless steel.
Kiosk #13
Bien Dans Son Pot
Natural cosmetics and handmade bath products, a gift sure to please everyone.
Kiosk #14
Bonbec Noix et Confiseries
Nuts, candies, hot chestnuts, caramelized almonds and chocolate-coated nuts... a real delight!
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Kiosk #15
Beautiful clothing and accessories combining recycled furs and knitwear, made in Québec.
Kiosk #16
La Vallée Bleue Distillerie
Refreshing alcoholic beverages made from small berries.
Kiosk #17
Distillerie B by la Miellerie King
Meads, liqueurs and other unique spirits made from honey. Quebecois, from the hive to the bottle!
Kiosk #18
Christmas Market Promotional Products
Offer your support to the Québec City Christmas Market by buying one of our promotional products.
Kiosk #19
Les Sablés de l'Osti d'Français
Delicious shortbread cookies, a typical French treat made with Quebec ingredients.
Kiosk #20
Les Maisons Lumières
Small ceramic houses that diffuse an envelopping fragrance.
Kiosk #21
Omerto is the only tomato wine in the world, a truly unique and original gift.
Kiosk #22
Kévy Sausage
Delicious sausages of the highest quality, made in Quebec!
Kiosk #23
1001 Fondues
Ready-to-serve Quebec cheese fondues and tasty hot-fondue to eat on the spot.
Kiosk #24
Les Sorciers Tigidou
The perfect gift for the epicurean in your life: jams, jellies, fruit syrup and cream of apples.
Kiosk #25
Tape la Galette Tigidou
Delicious buttered thin pancakes made on the spot, garnished with Tigidou berry jams. A treat that warms the heart!
Kiosk #26
Les Macarons de Sophie
Delicious homemade macaroons, a sweet treat made with real Belgian chocolate.
Kiosk #27
La Maison Simons
Home decor and winter clothing accessories to keep you warm during the cold season!
Kiosk #28
La Chocolaterie du Village
Delicious chocolates handmade according to the purest traditions of master chocolatiers.
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Kiosk #29
Alpaqa Apallani Boutique
Alpaca wool clothes and accessories, comfort and warmth for the winter.
Kiosk #31
Les Artisans du Paysage
Les Artisans du Paysage, experts in landscaping and thematic decors, offer you a relaxation area at the Market.
Kiosk #30
Ferme Les Canardises
Varieties of delicious foie gras, mousses and rillettes to offer as a gift.
Kiosk #32
SDC Vieux-Québec Kiosk #1
SDC Vieux-Québec invites you to discover different merchants from Old Québec throughout the duration of the Market.
Kiosk #33
Le Ricaneux
Wine and alcohol made from berries, an original product from Quebec.
Kiosk #34
Ferme du Vieux Chemin
Delicious terrines and rillettes made from Angus beef, a gift for gourmets.
Kiosk #35
Borderon et Fils
Apfelbrot (apples, rum, grapes), biscotins and the best breads in town.
Kiosk #36
Irèna Geerts
Alpaca and recycled fur accessories to keep you warm with style.
Kiosk #37
Domaine Ritt
Delicious apple cider with a unique taste, good for all occasions.
Kiosk #38
Les Délices de Chez-nous
A gift you will love to taste: terrines, rilettes, mustards, jellies and traditional sausages.
Kiosk #39
Alpagas Charlevoix
Alpaca wool accessories to keep you warm during the winter.
Kiosk #40
La Nougaterie
Nougat, meringue, marshmallow and other sweet treats that will please kids and grown-ups alike.
Kiosk #41
Passion Savon
Natural handmade soaps, made from olive oil, a comforting gift.
Kiosk #42
Clos Lambert Winery
Quebec wines from a medieval-style vineyard located in Lévis.
Kiosk #43
Les Fumistes
Smoked products of superior quality, made with organic and ethical meats, from Quebec breeders. A gastronomic experience to discover!
Kiosk #44
S.O.S. Fondue
Taste the ever-popular Swiss hot-fondue, right at our kiosk.
Kiosk #45
Delicious hot churros prepared right in front of you, perfect to warm up a little and get delighted a lot!
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Kiosk #46
Le Monde de Diego
Children's clothes hand-woven and embroidered, for a unique look!
Kiosk #47
Les Bougies de Charroux
Scented candles handmade in France, perfect to warm up your home.
Kiosk #48
Lökkö - Localemement Délicieux
Dressings and condiments with Quebec flavors, made with local products.
Kiosk #49
Josée Paquet Artiste
Canvas paintings and beautiful handmade stainless steel jewelry.
Kiosk #50
Lightly scented lavender products: body care, candles and organic culinary lavender.
Kiosk #52
Caramels F.A.A.
Caramels made with love, for the sweet tooth in your life.
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Kiosk #53
Canadian Tag
Quality clothing and accessories, warm and comfortable, made in Canada with ethical products, organic cotton and recycled polyester.
Kiosk #55
La Terre du 9
Original products with unique flavors, based on black garlic and red wine strophair mushroom. A perfect gift for epicureans looking for discovery!
Kiosk #56
Forêt Boréale
Spices and wild mushrooms from the boreal forest, dried and processed, and comforting herbal teas made with wintergreen and Labrador tea.
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Kiosk #57
Handmade malas and vegan soy candles. Unique products of exceptional quality incorporating stones and crystals, a gift synonymous with wellbeing!
Kiosk #58
Accessories to offer as gifts to keep warm during the cold winter.
Kiosk #59
Original, unique and distinguished pieces, made in a purely artisanal way with olive wood. Wide range of kitchen products and decoration accessories.
Kiosk #60
Meditrina Pharma
Choose your health first! Natural products and innovative health supplements, made in Quebec.
Kiosk #61
Mèche en Plume et Fantaisies
Original jewelry and accessories made from natural feathers.
Kiosk #62
Les Chapeaux de Lana
Unique fur and wool clothing and accessories to keep you warm during the winter.
Kiosk #63
Lalita's Art Shop
Varied range of products showcasing the great creativity of Quebec and Canadian artists: tuques, neck warmers, educational games, puzzles and more!
Kiosk #64
Soukha Monde Savons
Handmade soaps, made by hand with organic ingredients and essential oils.
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Kiosk #65
Petite Provence
Typical craft products from Provence: Christmas crib, lavender products, traditional calissons.
Kiosk #67
Birra & Basta - Taverne Italienne
Discover the modern Italian cuisine offered by Birra & Basta. The ultimate Italian dining experience in the Quebec City region!
Kiosk #68
Délices Beaucerons
Beauceron delights, a puff pastry served with the topping of your choice! Also discover certified a selection of organic maple products. Everything for your sweet tooth!
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Kiosk #69
Les Amis d'Alsace
Alsatian recipes concocted with love, with products from Quebec. A perfect gift to discover this beautiful region of Europe.
Kiosk #70
Distillerie Stadaconé
The three gins of Distillerie Stadaconé have proven their worth, with eight medals collected in Vancouver, San Francisco and Hong Kong. A 100% Québecois product recognized worldwide!
Kiosk #72
SDC Vieux-Québec Kiosk #2
Discover even more merchants from Québec's historic district with a second SDC Vieux-Québec kiosk!
Kiosk #73
Jérôme Grenier Artiste Sculpteur
Jewelry, lamps and works of art created from the copper from the roof of the 1919 Château Frontenac.
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Kiosk #74
Le Croquembouche
The sweet delights of Croquembouche, a pleasure for the taste buds! Hot chocolate, cookies, chocolate, pastries and apple donuts, all made in Quebec.
Kiosk #75
Domaine Steinbach
Taste these delicious ciders and other apple products, a pleasure for the taste buds!
Kiosk #76
David et Philip Inc.
Hormone-free, pasture-raised Angus beef, dry aged to produce an incomparable quality meat that you won't find in the grocery store.
Kiosk #77
Upbio Chocolates
Organic and energizing dark chocolates, with unusual flavors that will surprise you!
Kiosk #78
Vinerie du Kildare
*Discovery Kiosk - Nov. 25 to 28, Dec. 2 to 5* The results of 25 years of exploring the flavors of maple, these original aperitifs and digestifs from Québec's terroir are sure to seduce you!
Kiosk #78
Coeur de Mailles
*Discovery Kiosk - Dec. 9 to 12* Skeins of yarn (natural fibers), knitting set and accessories for knitting and crochet. An original gift to discover a new hobby!
Kiosk #78
*Discovery Kiosk - Dec. 16 to 19* Sea salts and spice blends with unique flavors, using premium ingredients from around the world and sourced from eco-responsible sources.
Kiosk #78
Kerstin Winkler Photographer
*Discovery Kiosk - Dec. 20 to 23* Printed photos of the splendid Québec nature on various materials (high quality photo paper, canvas, acrylic), cards and calendars.
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Kiosk #79
La Boutique de Lana
Winter accessories, including socks and mittens made from mountain goat down, a water repellent, hypoallergenic product that is warmer than wool!
Kiosk #80
Massage candles made from woody and floral essential oils and fresh plants. A gift that will leave the skin soft and subtly scented.
Kiosk #81
Mulled wine and other spirits await you at the Alpenbar, in the festive atmosphere of the Bergdorf of place d'Youville.
Kiosk #82
Espace Détente Québec-Bavière
A lounge area offered by Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie, where you can relax and war up for a few minutes.
Kiosk #83
La Maison Gourmande
Delicious dried sausages made in Quebec according to the traditional European recipe.
Kiosk #84
Sweety Swiss
Authentic flavors of Switzerland: Cheeses, deli meats and nougat.
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Kiosk #85
Original macrame decorative items handcrafted in Quebec. Unique products with a contemporary twist, designed for the ambiance and the comfort of your home.
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Kiosk #88
La Boîte à souvenirs Desjardins
The place of choice for your fondest holiday memories. Strike a pose in this life-size photobooth with an alpine chalet-style winter decor. A visit that is worth the detour, and especially your best smile!
Desjardins Caisse de Québec
Kiosk #86
Domaine l'Argoustik
A wide range of handmade products from sea buckthorn, a plant whose leaves and fruits are known for their health benefits. Herbal tea, vinaigrette, sauce and other products that will surprise you
Kiosk #87
Washable and reusable household items to reduce your ecological footprint: wipes, paper towels, snack bags and the star product: the washable coloring book!
La Cabane à Chichis
Tasty vegan churros made on site. Warm, comforting and just sweet enough, you can enjoy them with caramel, maple syrup or Nutella.
Warm atmosphere, mulled wine and other drinks await you at the Winterbar!
Kinderchalet Ravensburger
Good times guaranteed for kids in this animation zone offered by Ravensburger.
Chalet Alpin BMW
The Market's Restaurant, where you can enjoy traditional German dishes reinvented by local chefs. *VACCINE PASSPORT REQUIRED*