Wooden kiosks ... just like in Germany!

The German Christmas Market is a magical place that comes to life in the heart of Old Québec, a few weeks before the holidays! More than just a market, it is a small Christmas village designed to recreate as faithfully as possible the festive atmosphere of the major European Christmas markets. With its traditional wooden kiosks illuminated and decorated for the occasion, the German Christmas Market hosts more than 90 exhibitors from Quebec, Germany and Europe. You will find a ton of original gift ideas to please the whole family, in addition to being able to taste local products and German and European specialties.

Kiosk #1
Traditional German Arts and Crafts
Traditional arts and crafts from Germany : Christmas mangers and pyramids, incense holders and more!
Kiosk #2
Givre et Passions
Glasses, kitchenware and decorative objects made with beautiful frosted glass.
Kiosk #3
Traditional German Snack Bar
Enjoy the famous giant European hot dogs and other mouth-watering delicacies.
Kiosk #4
Les Fromages du P'tit Mont Ham
Delicious goat cheeses handmade in the Eastern Townships region.
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Kiosk #5
Mme Bijoux
Beautiful jewelry made from Swarowski crystal and freshwater pearls.
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Kiosk #6
German Gingerbread and Cookies
The famous gingerbread from Nuremberg and delicious German Christmas cookies.
Kiosk #7
L'Or de l'Italie
Tasty high quality olive oils for cooking enthusiasts.
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Kiosk #8
Kevy Sausage
Delicious sausages of the highest quality, made in Quebec!
Kiosk #9
Les Maisons Lumières
Small ceramic houses that diffuse an envelopping fragrance.
Kiosk #10
Mulled Wine and Christmas Cakes
Comforting mulled wine (Glühwein) and authentic German cakes (Stollen).
Kiosk #10
Authentic German Pretzels
Tasty fresh big pretzels, prepared according to the traditional German recipe, a delight!
Kiosk #11
Ya Chocolate
Belgian dark chocolate delights, hand-crafted in Canada.
Kiosk #12
Beautiful clothing and accessories combining recycled furs and knitwear, made in Québec.
Kiosk #13
German Candies and Sweet Treats
German sweet treats that are sure to please kids and grown-ups alike.
Kiosk #14
Bijoux Chantale Gélinas
Beautiful handmade jewelry made of glass, tin and stainless steel.
Kiosk #15
Bien Dans Son Pot
Natural cosmetics and handmade bath products, a gift sure to please everyone.
Kiosk #16
Création C.R.
*Discovery Kiosk* Original recycled wood products to add a natural touch to your decor.
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Kiosk #16
*Discovery Kiosk* Jewelery and household items made with recycled coloring pencils.
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Kiosk #16
Pur Safran
*Discovery Kiosk* Saffron and related by-products: condiments, jams and saffron treats.
Kiosk #17
Bonbec Noix et Confiseries
Nuts, candies, hot chestnuts, caramelized almonds and chocolate-coated nuts... a real delight!
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Kiosk #18
La Vallée Bleue
Refreshing alcoholic beverages made from small berries.
Kiosk #19
La Miellerie King
Different varieties of honey, honey-based sauces and mead to enhance your meals.
Kiosk #20
German Decorative Objects
Handmade wooden decorative objects from the Black Forest, Bavaria and Saxony.
Kiosk #21
Sweety Swiss
Authentic flavors of Switzerland: Cheeses, deli meats and nougat.
Kiosk #22
La Maison Gourmande
Delicious dried sausages made in Quebec according to the traditional European recipe.
Kiosk #23
Les Macarons de Sophie
Delicious homemade macaroons, a sweet treat made with real Belgian chocolate.
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Kiosk #24
Omerto is the only tomato wine in the world, a truly unique and original gift.
Kiosk #25
1001 Fondues
Ready-to-serve Quebec cheese fondues and tasty hot-fondue to eat on the spot.
Kiosk #26
La Maison Simons
Home decor and winter clothing accessories to keep you warm during the cold season!
Kiosk #27
La Confiturerie Tigidou
The perfect gift for the epicurean in your life: jams, jellies, fruit syrup and cream of apples.
Kiosk #28
Gaufres Traditionnelles
Succulent traditional waffles cooked with love, right in front of you.
Kiosk #29
Les Bougies de Charroux
Scented candles handmade in France, perfect to warm up your home.
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Kiosk #30
Lightly scented lavender products: body care, candles and organic culinary lavender.
Kiosk #31
Lökkö - Localemement Délicieux
Dressings and condiments with Quebec flavors, made with local products.
Kiosk #32
La Chocolaterie du Village
Delicious chocolates handmade according to the purest traditions of master chocolatiers.
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Kiosk #33
Famille Nomade
Craft products from around the globe, for a gift that's out of the ordinary.
Kiosk #34
Irèna Geerts
Alpaca and recycled fur accessories to keep you warm with style.
Kiosk #35
Passion Savon
Natural handmade soaps, made from olive oil, a comforting gift.
Kiosk #36
Délices de Chez-Nous
A gift you will love to taste: terrines, rilettes, mustards, jellies and traditional sausages.
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Kiosk #37
Les Épices du Guerrier
A unique blend of native spices and boreal herbs, made with maple sugar.
Kiosk #38
Petrazzini Artisan Baker
Succulent pastries and sweets made with Charlevoix products.
Kiosk #39
Domaine Ritt
Delicious apple cider with a unique taste, good for all occasions.
Kiosk #40
German Gift Shop
Original gifts imported from Germany, products that you will not find in store here.
Kiosk #41
SDC Vieux-Québec Kiosk
SDC Vieux-Québec invites you to discover different merchants from Old Québec throughout the duration of the Market.
Kiosk #42
Alpaqa Apallani Boutique
Alpaca wool clothes and accessories, comfort and warmth for the winter.
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Kiosk #43
Jérome Grenier Artiste Sculpteur
Jewelry, decorative accessories and unique artwork for an original gift.
Kiosk #44
Le Ricaneux
Wine and alcohol made from berries, an original product from Quebec.
Kiosk #45
Ferme du Vieux Chemin
Delicious terrines and rillettes made from Angus beef, a gift for gourmets.
Kiosk #46
Alpagas Charlevoix
Alpaca wool accessories to keep you warm during the winter.
Kiosk #47
Borderon et Fils
Apfelbrot (apples, rum, grapes), biscotins and the best breads in town.
Kiosk #48
Les Artisans du Paysage
Les Artisans du Paysage, experts in landscaping and thematic decors, offer you a relaxation area at the Market.
Kiosk #49
Québec-Bavaria, 30 years of cooperation
Come celebrate 30 years of collaboration between Quebec and Bavaria!
Kiosk #50
La Nougaterie
Nougat, meringue, marshmallow and other sweet treats that will please kids and grown-ups alike.
Kiosk #51
Josée Paquet, Artist
Canvas paintings and beautiful handmade stainless steel jewelry.
Art Gallery
Kiosk #52
Clos Lambert Winery
Quebec wines from a medieval-style vineyard located in Lévis.
Kiosk #53
Delicious hot churros prepared right in front of you, perfect to warm up a little.
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Kiosk #54
Cantook Micro Torrefaction
For the coffee lovers! Freshly brewed to drink on the spot or packaged to offer as a gift, with other accessories.
Kiosk #55
One of a Kind
Unique crafts and household items handmade from olive wood.
Kiosk #56
Création Deuxième Vie
Handcrafted jewelry made with utensils and other recycled materials.
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Kiosk #57
Morou Winery
High quality wines from Quebec: white, red, rosé and even ice wine, a unique product.
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Kiosk #58
S.O.S. Fondue
Taste the ever-popular Swiss hot-fondue, right at our kiosk.
Kiosk #59
Upbio Chocolates
Organic and energizing dark chocolates, with unusual flavors that will surprise you!
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Kiosk #60
Volières Baie Saint-Paul
Processed meats, deli meats and confit for the pleasure of your taste buds.
Kiosk #61
Le Monde de Diego
Children's clothes hand-woven and embroidered, for a unique look!
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Kiosk #62
Les Délices d'Allemagne
Fine deli meats prepared in the purest of German traditions!
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Kiosk #63
La Maison du Miel
Different varieties of honey and derived products for your sweet tooth.
Kiosk #64
La Revanche
Board games for the whole family, a gift that will guarantee you hours of fun!
Kiosk #65
Sandra Caissy, Artist
Crafts souvenirs from Quebec, artistic, decorative and practical objects.
Kiosk #66
Caramels F.A.A.
Caramels made with love, for the sweet tooth in your life.
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Kiosk #67
Création Orion
Unique and original handcrafted jewelry.
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Kiosk #68
Les Poteries Line Gros-Louis
Beautiful handmade pottery: bowls, plates, cups and jewels to give as gifts.
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Kiosk #69
Meditrina Pharma
Choose your health first! Natural products and innovative health supplements, made in Quebec.
Kiosk #70
Slippers, socks and accessories to keep you warm all winter long!
Kiosk #71
Raoul et Simone
*Shared kiosk* Silkscreen posters and other original prints to offer as a gift.
Kiosk #71
Du Bon Pain Bakery
*Shared Kiosk* Tasty Christmas cakes and cookies that will please the whole family.
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Kiosk #72
Accessories to offer as gifts to keep warm during the cold winter.
Kiosk #73
Strom Nordic Spa
Offer relaxation as a gift! Gift cards for massage and thermal experience.
Kiosk #74
La Cabane à Mario
Delicious maple products that will please the young and old alike.
Kiosk #75
San San Création
Beautiful glass jewelry designed and handcrafted by a glass craftswoman.
Kiosk #76
Annie et ses Abeilles
Treat yourself with these winter care products made straight from the beehive.
Kiosk #77
Mèche en Plume et Fantaisies
Original jewelry and accessories made from natural feathers
Etsy Shop
Kiosk #78
Treat your loved ones with an original gift, with these authentic, handmade Native products.
Kiosk #79
Soukha Monde Savons
Handmade soaps, made by hand with organic ingredients and essential oils.
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Kiosk #80
Les Chapeaux de Lana
Unique fur and wool clothing and accessories to keep you warm during the winter.
Kiosk #81
Bijou Magnétique Santé
Jewelery with magnetic hematite stone of strength 3, handmade and designed specifically for your health.
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Kiosk #82
Petite Provence
Typical craft products from Provence: Christmas crib, lavender products, traditional calissons.
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Kiosk #83
Les Canardises
Varieties of delicious foie gras, mousses and rillettes to offer as a gift.
Kiosk #84
Ma Cabane en Gaspésie
Everyone will love these maple products, pastries and tasty local products.
Kiosk #85
La Ferme Mépat
A gift that the whole family will love: meat pies, homemade ketchup, canned goods, honey, etc.
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Kiosk #86
Domaine Steinbach
Taste these delicious ciders and other apple products, a pleasure for the taste buds!
Kiosk #87
Soupe et Cie
Warm yourself up with these delicious meal-sized soups to eat on the spot.
Kiosk #88
Party Crêpe Urbaine
Enjoy delicious French granished crêpes, accompanied by a hot apple juice.
Kiosk #89
Kinderchalet Ravensburger
Good times guaranteed for kids in this games and animation zone offered by Ravensburger.
Kiosk #90
Warm atmosphere, festive music, mulled wine and other drinks await you at the Winterbar!
Kiosk #91
BMW Alpine Chalet
The Market's Restaurant, where you can enjoy traditional German dishes reinvented by local chefs.