The Greatest Holiday destination!

Québec City’s German Christmas Market is a great opportunity for thousands of visitors to discover German and European Christmas traditions, through extraordinary performances and free activities. It's also a chance to taste German cuisine reinvented by local chefs, and to discover the products that make Quebec's terroir so rich. Finally, this is the opportunity to have a close contact with craftsmen and craftswomen from Québec, Germany and Europe, to truly understand and appreciate their art.

Whatever your reason to visit, Québec City's German Christmas Market is an occasion to enjoy an unforgettable experience, with family or friends.

Why a German Christmas Market ... in Quebec City?

Why a German Christmas Market ... in Quebec City?

The reason is very simple ... Old Québec has all the charm needed to recreate the festive atmosphere of the major European Christmas markets. It is a welcoming and warm place, even during the cold winter! It is a place rich in history, where we can reconnect with traditions. By choosing this location, the mission of the Market was clear: to bring to the visitors all the magic of the authentic German experience, in Québec City!

Each year, the German Christmas Market offers Quebecers and tourists the most beautiful Christmas gift: a free event, where kids and grown-ups can rediscover the magic of the Holiday season and live an unforgettable experience!

Québec City’s German Christmas Market is proud to be a part of the Regroupement des marchés de Noël du Québec.

The Little story of a big Market...

The Little story of a big Market...

2008: The first Market! Just a single afternoon, in a packed church basement...

2009: The following year, the Market is held for a full weekend, at the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

2010: The Market is extended over two weekends, with now 21 wooden kiosks!

2011: We move to Place de l'Hotel-de-Ville, to have space for more kiosks (and more visitors!)

2012: The Market now has 27 kiosks and Sainte-Famille Street is closed to circulation for 10 days!

2013: The Market evolves ... New illuminated structures are added to make the experience even more magical.

2014: The Alpine Chalet is installed in the gardens of the Hôtel-de-Ville to wam visitors up!

2015: The Market is held for four weekends and welcomes 100,000 visitors!

2016: More than just a market ... There are now 65 kiosks, an Alpine Chalet, a WinterBar and a Kindermarkt!

2017: The Market celebrates its 10th birthday in a glorious way, with a record attendance of 136,000 visitors!

2018: A bigger, better and more magical market, open for over 20 days, with 80 kiosks and 150,000 visitors!

2019: Our goal: The biggest German Christmas market to date, with 4 areas, a ton of activities, 90 exhibitors and 160 000 visitors!

Québec City’s German Christmas Market is an initiative of Commauté allemande de Québec and a member of the Regroupement des marchés de Noël du Québec.