Looking for gift ideas*?
Giving your loved ones products imported from Germany: it’s exquisitely unique.
Delight everyone around you!

Decorative ducks

Share the Holiday spirit with Lilalu!
Colourful and fun, these small German ducks flew off the shelves last year. They are a perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your list! You’ll love the look on their faces when they unwrap their presents!

Christmas tree decorations

Spicy and fragrant!
These authentic German Christmas tree decorations add a touch of Europe to your festivities! Made with flours, fruit and pine cones, they’ll make your home smell as though Christmas is already here!

Albert’s tree!

A contemporary work of art that will add joy and magic to your home—year after year! Easy to set up and put away, this unique Christmas decoration will charm your guests and add a touch of fascination to your festivities.

Fun and bright colouring pencils

Fun times ahead!
Made in Germany, these Werkhaus sets of colouring pencils are practical and fun! With their contemporary design, they make a truly unique gift!

Christmas decorations and ornaments

Quintessentially Christmas!
Inspired by the beauty of the Black Forest in Germany, these wooden accessories make the perfect Christmas decorations or gift for that special party host!

Chic Christmas pyramids

Simply magical!
Made by hand, this authentic wooden Christmas pyramid is indispensable throughout Germany during the holidays. When you place candles on the four corners, the propeller at the top starts to move.

Decorative Christmas tree

Add a touch of Christmas magic to your decor with this decorative tree. For smaller spaces, it’s an original alternative to the traditional Christmas tree!

Reisenthel baskets and grocery bags

Shop like the Germans!
German bags and baskets combining design and durability, to do your daily shopping with style!

Paper Christmas decorations

Light and graceful!
Are you looking for an original way to decorate your home for Christmas? With these paper Christmas decorations, you can’t go wrong!

Authentic smoker

Charming and endearing
Incense lovers will be enchanted by this wooden character that appears to be smoking incense.

An original candle

Colorful and luminous
Made by hand, this candle is just the start of everything you will discover at the market.

Candle carousel

Simply magical!
Add warmth and style to your home with a beautiful candle carousel! Light the candles and the carousel magically begins to turn!

Lace Christmas ornaments

Made by hand, this decorative ornaments add a magical touch to any Christmas tree. Other accessories are also available.

Christmas candies

More than just candies!
These sweet treats are so good that you simply cannot resist them. They make great gifts for people with a sweet tooth and gourmets.

Lebkuchen Schmidt gingerbread straight from Nuremberg

The best in the world!
These tasty delights include hazelnuts, walnuts, orange and lemon zest, gingerbread, coriander and many other exotic spices. The unique aromas from these gingerbreads will entice you. Be sure to stock up! They get eaten fast!

*Note: Some models may differ from those on our images.
Make sure you stop by at the Québec City German Christmas Market to see the gifts in person—and spend a few hours with family and friends! We look forward to seeing you there!